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Durkheim On Sociology Essay, Research Paper

To begin his article Durkheim is says that Sociology is in the stage of system-building because the problem is proposes is not clear-cut. What he is saying here is that Sociology is not a fully excepted science at this time because of the uncertainties that possesses. Furthermore, he goes on to say; believers in this science must take away the doubt that the people have about Sociology in a timely fashion, if they hope for it to survive. Next, Durkheim touches on an incredible point about the labyrinth of this field. He is claiming that this field incorporates so much, that a researcher must set definite limits and adhere strictly to them. However, Durkheim also claims if the researcher loses his focus and his findings are useless to him, they may be very helpful to others doing research in the field. Finally, and most astonishing, he argues that Sociology cannot be generalized, sociology must take each individual in society and treat him as a separate entity. Then it must focus on the objective structures of society, such as the church and family, to see how the individual is molded.

Durkheim makes some great points in this article and his argument is strong. I agree with almost everything that he is claiming in this article. How Sociology cannot be general in any way, shape or form. Furthermore, how society shapes the individual through the various institutions in society. On the other hand, the manifestations about history part my be a little off though. Because history is what changes the structures of society and hence the way society shapes us. By looking at history we can see how we were shaped and maybe correct the problem or prevent it from happening again. But all in all this was a great article and parallel to how I also view sociology.

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