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Of This Time, Of That Place Essay, Research Paper

Of This Time, Of That place

The story Of This Time, Of That Place, has many different conflicts. The main conflict is between Joseph Howe and a student named Tertan. Joseph Howe was going to his firs day of class. As he entered the classroom all of the students looked at him appraisingly. This gave Dr. Howe a sense of power. Dr. Howe quickly issued an assignment. As the class is working on the assignment, in comes Tertan. The class gave him a mocking cheer. Both Dr. Howe and Tertan ignored the class. Dr. Howe feels nervous and cracks some jokes he is handling the pressure of school; a true sign of a hero. At the end of class Tertan stood up and said that some professors were pedants and some professors are free souls. While grading the assignments, Dr. Howe sees that Tertans paper is extremely advanced and feels a little bit intimidated by it. Dr. Howe pointed out a few flaws but the paper was still good. Dr. Howe had a feeling that Tertan

was a little bit out of the ordinary. After Dr. Howe got home he read an essay called Two Poets by Frederic Woolley in which Woolley made unfavorable comments about him. After a while Dr. Howe forgot about the incident and his classes became more like groups. A week after class Tertan went to visit Dr. Howe. They talked about Tertans last two papers. Tertan than pulled out a copy of the essay Two Poets . Tertan told Dr. Howe that he did his papers from what he learned from reading the essay. Teratan then suddenly left the room. Dr. Howe was making an attempt to better understand Tertan. In

walks in Blackburn, vise president of the student council. Blackburn told Dr. Howe that he was once English major and would like to take his class, even though the semester had already began. When speaking with Dr. Howe, Blackburn tried to sound intelligent but made some errors, which Dr. Howe had pointed out. In class Tertan was called upon and began to speak and everyone one in the class seemed to be bored. Another student Casebeer stood up cutting Tertans speech with a plea to extend the due date for the next assignment because it was fraternity week. Dr. Howe said that he will not postpone the assignment and waited to her the rest of Tertans speech but Tertan was had walked out of the room. Dr. Howe was going to take the case up with the Dean but hesitated. Dr. Howe looked up Tertans records but there was little information there. The records stated that his scholastic record was remarkable and he had a college scholarship for tuition. Dr Howe went to the Dean to present the case to him. As he waited for the Dean, Blackburn and the Dean show up together. Dr. Howe realizes that the Dean and Blackburn are friends. On his way out, Blackburn asks Dr. Howe if he could speak with him later and Dr. Howe agrees. Dr. Howe tells the Dean about Tertan and the Dean decides he was going to have Tertan examined by a physician. Dr. Howe gave Tertan an A-minus in his final examination. He knew that the paper was good and he could not give him a low grade because he knew that Tertan was a good student. Blackburn entered Dr. Howe s office with out invitation. Blackburn explained to Dr. Howe that he was not that he was not happy with the F he received. Blackburn told Dr. Howe that he had never received a grade lower than a B . Dr. Howe gave him two weeks to write a better paper and

Blackburn was very appreciative. Later, the Dean told Dr. Howe that Tertan had a classic case . Tertan continued in class because his tuition was paid by his scholarship.

In class the next day Dr. Howe signed a letter of recommendation for Tertan to be enrolled in Dwight College. Dr. Howe thought of it as being an honor that Tertan wanted to use his name. As Dr. Howe saw Blackburns next quiz, he knew it was an indisputable failure but gave him a C-minus. Blackburn had been telling the truth in saying that he never got a grade lower than a B . Dr. Howe made the cowardly choice in order never to deal with Blackburn again. Blackburn came into Dr. Howe s office once again and said that he was pleased with the grade. Dr. Howe told him that the paper was really an F . Blackburn threatened him by saying he will go to the Dean with the essay Two Poets and tell the Dean he was not a good judge of litterateur because Woolley called him a drunken man. Also, Blackburn told him that he would tell the Dean that he recommended a student who was crazy to Dwight College. Dr. Howe took a brave stand and got the bluebook from Blackburn and wrote an F . on it and told him to take that to the principle. Blackburn began to plea and asks for forgiveness saying that he had no intentions of going to the Dean. Dr. Howe told him to stop acting like a fool and told him that he still had half a semester to go and to do a decent job. At the day of Commencemnt, Blackburn told Dr. Howe that he had passed his course after all. Dr. Howe told him that he passed him out of his course without reading any of the papers because he wanted to get rid of him. Dr. Howe in his first shot at teaching did everything he thought was right and did a great thing by standing behind Tertan.

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