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Racism Essay, Research Paper

from genRacism and prejudice are a problem. They have existed for thousands of years and they are transmitted eration to generation. However, racism has not always been the same, it has changed through the history and every day becomes more sophisticated. Racism is a negative thought or action toward members of a racial minority or any kind of racial inequality. It is also the belief that humans are subdivided into distinct hereditary groups that are innately different in their social behaviour and mental capacities. Therefore, they can be ranked or classified as superior or inferior.

Racial Discrimination is a growing problem in the world around us and it is time to lay it to rest.

I think that elimenating the label of the colour of ones skin would definetly improve the stereotypic outlook that society has towards others. I find it disturbing to know that children are being raised with the notion that the colour of one s skin is what determines how others think as well as their social status. In addition I believe that society should be concentrating on the problem of racial discrimination before all of the progress that has been made throughout the years goes down the drain, Although progress has been made we are still striving to perfect the growing problem that surrounds us and we must not give up until we have reached a status of racial equality.

We must not only talk about these racial barriers that are constantly holding the world apart from one another but we must also take action. We need people heading into elementary schools while children are still at the age where they can be so easily influenced in a positive way. I think that talking to young children about the problems that could one day affect their future will only have a positive outcome on society and race relations.

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