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This article keys in on a different type of intelligence called emotional intelligence. Psychologist

Daniel Goldman wrote the book titled “Emotional Intelligence” in 1995. Emotional intelligence

Consist of: self -awareness, impulse control, persistence, confidence and self -motivation, empathy

And social deftness. Coleman has published a later book on this topic, which is the sequel titled

“Working With Emotional Intelligence”. The book zeros in on how these qualities of emotional

intelligence can make or break a persons career. We are all being judged everyday where out in the

world, either by our bosses, co-workers, family, or friends. So in fact, it is very important we stay

on top of our performance and the way we carry ourselves. Most corporations today look for

communication skills, interpersonal skills, and initiative skills in a person all those things have to

do with emotional intellect.

There are actual course that are designed to help people strengthen the weakness that a person has

Within themselves. For instance, Weatherland School of Management at Case Western Reserve

University has developed one. Most people that take the course show an 86% improvement. There

Are even follow-ups three years later and the percentage is still high. Through my eyes emotional

Intellect does mean a whole lot more than book smarts. Your own life experiences and what you’ve

Learned from them makes you who you are inside. For example if a person does three years in prison,

And comes out they should have learned a lot. They will now be more aware of how they are carrying

Themselves on a daily. They will have come from a side of life where freedom was robbed from them

So in fact, they will appreciate life more and be more patient about things. It is all about how you

Carry yourself through life, not how much you know in those made up books. If your not aware of

Yourself than who will be. It’s your mind, body, and soul it’s only right that you are knowledgeable

Of those three elements of yourself. If your not fully aware of them than you won’t see the real

Potentials within yourself.

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