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Bilingual Profile Essay, Research Paper

Christian January 22,2K1

Bilingual Profile

Good afternoon, my name is Christian. I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on February 2,1981. I am currently studying my second year at the University of Puerto Rico?s Mayag?ez Campus , and I am pursuing a Bachelor?s degree in Political Science. My long term goal in the area of academics is to be able to graduate as an Environmental Lawyer due to my great interest in helping to protect the environment. My residence is in the city of Mayaguez and I have gainful employment (part time) in the local zoo . My most admired personal hero is Pedro Albizu Campos. A great place for me is : Maria?s Beach in Rinc?n .The world?s best poet: Luis Llorrens Torres. The number one sports champion: Felix Tito Trinidad. One amazing country : Puerto Rico. An incredible woman : Mother Therese of Calcutta .One philosopher: Socrates. One musician : Tito Puente. Best singer Hector Lavoe.My favorite book: The Divine Comedy.One element: water. One prophet: Jesus. One home: Earth. One dream: Peace for Vieques. My short term goals: Besides looking for a girlfriend, I would like to pass the English class. I am repeating the course to eliminate a D from my transcript.. English, is the universal language and thus, it is quite important for me to be able to learn the language in an specially significant manner , to be able to communicate in a personal and professional manner with people from all parts of the world.

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