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The Old Red Rocking Horse

Gifts that have sentimental value are worth more than diamonds. As I sit here looking at my old wooden rocking horse that my grandmother made so lovingly for me as a child, I see that it looks worn and the shine of the new paint is no more. The red saddle does not sparkle like it once did, and the white paint is starting to chip off, leaving the bare wood showing through. You can almost see my hand grip imprinted on the handles where I held on tightly. The reins are made out of rope that seems to be unraveling with time. The horse’s tail was once a beautiful golden yellow yarn that is now a knotty mess. At the base of the horse you can see that it was rode for many, many hours, because the paint on the bottom of the rocker has faded away. You can see exactly where my little feet touched the top platform of the rocker, the paint and the wood is worn out. As I stare at the details of this rocking horse, I can see where my grandmother used glass to smooth out the curves because the wood has a rough texture, “which gives my horse a great sentimental value” I know that each stoke was done with love. Therefore, when I have a child, I will pass on my rocking horse and explain about the wonderful woman who made this for me.

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