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A Foul Mood Essay, Research Paper

The first scene in William Shakesphere?s, Macbeth, immediately sets the dark, evil, mood of the

play by focusing the readers’ attention to the involvement and suspense of the supernatural. The

opening scene, which takes place in a dark field haunted by thunder and lightning, is the perfect

place for three grotesque creatures to discuss the evil soon to come. The witches mention

Macbeth during their spell which makes the reader curious as to his connection with them. The

language of these witches foreshadows the inevitable fate that is to come out of “the filthy air

(Macbeth, 3,11). ” that surrounds Macbeth. At the end of the short scene, they all cry in their

cackling voices, “Fair is foul, and foul is fair (3,10)”, which suggests that a terrible doom awaits

Macbeth. The inclusion of the supernatural at the beginning of the play is important because it

sets a dark, dismal and mysterious mood that grabs the readers attention

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