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Adam Sandler Essay, Research Paper

Adam Sandler is a well-known comedian, musician, actor, screenwriter, and singer. He is known throughout the nation for his accomplishments in the entertainment business.

Adam Sandler was born on September 9, 1966, in Brooklyn, New York. He was educated at New Hampshire s Manchester Central High School during the early 1980 s. He later went to New York University and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 1991 ( Celeb-Site ). Adam s first time in the spotlight was when he was 11, and he sung 16 by Ringo Starr at his sister s wedding (Arnold 110). Yet, his career of being a comedian began at age 17, when he got up on stage at a Boston comedy club. He really had no influences; he spontaneously got on stage. After that he performed regularly at the University and at clubs. Adam also got a spot on The Cosby Show as one of Theo s friends. He was also featured on MTV s Remote Control, and on Saturday Night Live during the 1990-91 season ( dAvYgRaVy ). His performances caused an article to be posted in the L.A. Times, which said that he was the most talentless, juvenile, and offensive of the current cast Obviously, not everyone felt this way because he continued to get jobs in the entertainment field. Adam s early career stretched to different areas, but he was really discovered during his first season on Saturday Night Live ( Celeb-Site ). Adam also worked on productions other than sitcoms, like movies. In fact, Adam has made many movies throughout his career. His films include Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Water Boy, and many others ( WBR ).

Adam also had his hand in the music career. His albums include They re All Gonna Laugh At You , What the Hell Happened to Me? , What s Your Name? , and The Lonesome Kicker . Adam s talent showed through when he was nominated for a Grammy Award for the album, They re All Gonna Laugh at You in 1993 ( WBR ).

Before his discovery and throughout his career Adam has made many people laugh and cry. He is a very talented actor, musician, screenwriter etc And he will entertain many people for years to come.

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