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The Purposes of Jogging

Jogging is maybe considered a form of working out on a Sunday morning, a light run, a good exercise with a friend or family member, even for the older age groups to improve and enhance their living standards and health, and just to burn a couple of pounds for the women.. But most of the reasons for jogging is usually for health reasons like diseases and battles with their weight problems and other reasons. It is best to check with your family or local doctor if you wished to learn more about good lifestyles and healths. Because a family or local doctor can determine which type of exercises are good for your lifestyle and health. The family doctors can help you plan out the type of jogging and diet to go along with the exercise or workout routine.

For beginners it is best to measure your heart rates first the Target Heart Rate. First find your pulse either on your wrists or below your neck on the side use the pointer and the index finger place them gently on your pulse areas and count. One of the measurements and calculations are the Maximum Heart Rate you first take 220 and subtracted the age and multiplied by 70% so for example a target heart rate for a 40 year old would be 126. There are also many methods for figuring the target rate so the steps to be followed are Step 1: Subtract the age from, 220 to find the Maximum Heart Rate the next is Step 2: Subtracting the resting heart rate from the maximum heart rate to determine the Heart Rate Reserve…. the third Step is 3:Take 70% of the heart rate reserve to determine the Heart Rate Rise then the last step is Step 4:Add the heart rate raise to resting heart rate to find the Target Rate . For the resting heart rate it should be determine by taking your

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The Purposes of Jogging


pulse after sitting quietly for five minutes. When checking heart rate during a workout like exercise or aerobics or any other kinds of sports or athletic activities you should take your pulse within five seconds after interrupting exercise because it starts to go down once you stop moving. So start to count the pulse for ten seconds and then multiply by six to get the per minute rate. This is considered the first step in attempting to begin as a jogger.

crack of dawn where few people are out and cars are dangerous where it is also dark out as well since the sun isn?t set yet. Traffic and safety control say it is best for joggers, runners, even bicyclists should always wear reflexive clothing because then the people will be able to see the person who is approaching to traffic and crossing or running on the streets. On warmer and sunnier afternoons it is best to wear light colored clothing Even if a jogger is running or walking indoors in their own homes and gyms on the exercise machines it is best to chose comfortable and lose clothing as well.

People chose jogging as a form of good exercise because it can work your cardiovascular systems, circulatory systems, respiratory systems, and entire body as well. But beginning joggers may feel that jogging is beneficial because of the functions like for example, there is no race to the finished line, no competition, no scores, no physical contact or brutality, and it is a freestyle form of physical activity. But beginners may have troubles running or jogging in long distances. Because of the body?s inability to adapt to the endurance and physical stamina of the exercise– Jogging. At first if the jogging is experiencing pain it is best to allowed them to rest properly and if pain persists it is then best to see to consult in their family doctor. Some joggers may be unaware of the fact that if dizziness, faintness, pain in the chest and problems breathing persists than the way the jogger is jogging are totally incorrect. Because since you are a beginner in jogging it is sensible to take it easy and first and then gradually increased the expected goal to reach for the daily jogs.

It is crucial that a good jogger have a daily schedule of jogs. Because jogging is a daily task unlike aerobics and other workouts. A normal jogger schedule may be a five mile jog in the morning, the next day a three and a half mile walk in the afternoon, and then a five mile run in the morning and so on….. The daily jogging scheduled can benefit the

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The Purposes of Jogging


jogger in many ways for example help determine which days are good for a walk, a run, a jog, a walk and jog combined and a run and jog combined. The daily scheduled is sort of like a jogging log we are expected to filled out with the pulse rates, target, and schedule of jogs, runs, and walks we did in the past month. If a good jogger follows this scheduled then no problems can be persistent or happened because the jogger is following a normal scheduled and if there is a excess run, walks , or jogs then the jogger can be able to explain their pains like cramps in legs or chest pains to the doctor and their doctor can help them immediately without letting the jogger suffer from their own pain dued to over exertion. Below is a good jogging schedule for anyone suggested to followed and is recommended.

Workout Schedule

The four basic fitness warm-up exercises and rules to followed because pointed out to the ones who wished to applied to them in a successful and healthy exercise routine. The following is a suggestion of workout exercises like warm-up, muscular strength , muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, and cool down. The warm-up is usually five to ten minutes of exercises such as walking, slow jogging, knee lifts, arm circles, or trunk rotations. Low intensity movements that stimulate movements to be used in the activity can be also be included in the warm-up. The muscular strength a minimum of a two twenty minutes sessions per week that included exercises for all the major muscle groups while lifting weights is the most effective way to increase strength. The muscular endurance at least three thirty minutes sessions each week that includes exercises such as calisthenics, pushups, sit-ups pull-ups, and weight training for all the major muscle groups. The cardiorespiratory endurance at the three twenty minutes bouts of continuous aerobic (activity requiring oxygen) rhythmic exercise each week. Popular aerobic conditioning activities including brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, ropejumping,

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The Purposes of Jogging


rowing, cross-country skiing and some continuous action games like racquet ball and hand ball. The flexibility is usually ten and twelve minutes of daily stretching exercises performed slowly without a bouncing motion. This can be included after a warm up or during a cool down. The cool down is a minimum of five to ten minutes of slow walking low level exercise combined with stretching.

Statistics have shown that jogging have also helped mentally as well

as physically. Because jogging actually helped relieved stress and worries, by clearing the mind and have other resolutions than resolve to smoking, drinking, alcohol and drugs. Even though this is one of the many positive affects of jogging there is also many other positive affluence?s of jogging like relieve emotional problems, pain, diseases, self esteem enhance, and other beneficial factors. But many joggers feel that jogging is too time consuming because you must jog on a strict bases. Like everyday, daily runs, walks, and jogs routinely. But jogging can also helped you impact on a better and healthier living standards making a person feel better and more confident and relaxed promoting a healthier lifestyle by eating and sleeping right. Many fitness experts suggests jogging as a form of low impact sports or physical activity. The good points of jogging is no need for fitness instructor, classes and can be depended upon on a busy person scheduled for the nineties today. But however jogging can be harmful if the person or the jogger so to speak is unaware of the possible dangers they can be in if they are unaware by the fact for example on a hot July afternoon they start to feel dizzy and nauseous. This person is obviously showing symptoms of over exhaustion so the best cure for this is try to stayed away from the sun too long, get plenty of rest and drink plenty of liquids especially water H3O. Even though there are very few or even minimum risks to jogging there are obviously more good points to jogging than bad points. So far this jogging course at Edison High School over these past four years of classes have influence me to pursuit in jogging as a good physical activity to do this past summer—– Jogging.

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