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Tragedy Essay, Research Paper

What makes a tragedy tragic?

Though the dictionary makes the word tragic seem like an accident or a bad happening, I think what makes a tragedy tragic is more than events, which occur through out a piece of writing. It is more of a feeling than a physical action or specific event. I think that there are many different feelings, which you could have to experience a tragedy.

One feeling which could be tragic is a loss of something that you are attached to, like an expected outcome won’t happen. It might be something that you are used to and have accustomed to, but isn’t there anymore. This could be a feeling when you see something or a feeling when you hear, or do something.

I think that losing hope is also a tragedy. Whether it is losing hope in yourself or someone else you see, or hear, or even read about. Losing hope could also go along with the feeling of innocence. The loss of innocence is something that could be taken almost a couple ways, one way is never going back to fix something or do something. I think another loss of innocence is just growing up too fast, and realizing the world around you too quickly.

So even though a tragedy is mostly associated with a happening or dreadful event, it is more serious than just a couple of harmful events, but it is an over all feeling of the situation and the total outcome of the situation. The loss of love, innocence, hope and much more.

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