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Paul was always an insecure individual. His insecurity was a direct result from the lack of attention he received from his father, and love from his deceased mother. He grew up with minimal support from his father. Paul was never encouraged to do what he was interested in. For instance, when Paul s was at school and was interested in stocks, his father did not encourage his abilities to play the stock market; rather he pulled Paul out of school. Paul s father never supported him, when the schools faculty called Paul a bad case , his father agreed with them, and did not stand-up for his son. Also, Paul never really liked going home; his father was always accosting him. This developed a fear inside of him, it was like a phobia. Paul s father never showed any affection towards his son, he always compared him to other people s sons. Paul was compared daily to a young man. His father wanted Paul to see this young man as his model, and his dearest hope was for Paul to follow the young mans footsteps. Thus, contributing to Paul s insecurity. Paul felt quite intimidated by his father, he was nervous when he spoke to him. Asking his father to go to his friend s house was a great struggle, let alone asking him money for carfare. Although Paul s father cannot be held completely responsible for his son s death, he contributed in certain ways. Ones future outcome and actions are determined during ones growing years. Since Paul led a rough childhood, it greatly influenced the actions that were taken by him as an adult.

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