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Megan Essay, Research Paper


Megan left her home to seek her acting career. She sold all of her belongings including her portion of her fathers ranch in Primrose Creek, Nevada. Then she left to go to California. Megan met a guy who said he loved her, but then ended up breaking her heart. So she left California to move back in with her family.

When Megan got back to Nevada a guy named Webb Strantton saw her all alone and went over to talk to her. He introduced his self and Megan became very tense, this was the guy that she had sold her land to. Webb took Megan to her sister Christy’s house, where she was going to live for a while. Christy was very shocked to see Megan and her other sisters when they heard that she was back at home.

Christy is married to Zach Shaw, the town marshal. Webb and Zach were good friends and they helped each other alot with there jobs. Zach and Christy wanted to get Megan’s land back. So they decided that Webb and Megan should get married. When they told Megan about their idea she got mad.

Webb was a rancher and needed a housekeeper so he asked Megan to work for him. She agreed to take his offer and moved in the next day. Megan would have to cook and do the wash not just for Webb, but also for his twelve workers. She knew it was going to be a hard job, but she knew she would just love being close to Webb.

Megan and Webb grew closer together as time went by between them. Webb asked Megan to marry him. Megan’s sisters told her that they would make her a dress so that she could get married at Skye’s house. Webb moved into the barn, so it wouldn’t look bad to people since him and Megan lived in the same house together. As the day grew closer, Megan could hardly wait. She thought of all the children her and Webb would have together and started to think of all the names that they could name them.

On the day of their marriage, Megan was a nervous wreck. All their friends and family were there and she couldn’t wait to see Webb. After the ceremony and reception was over, Megan and Webb rode together in their wagon, back to their house, on the land that they owned together.

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