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Df Essay, Research Paper

Micol is portrayed as attractive yet somewhat cold and reserved girl who may actually represent the faith of Jewish people. Giorgio is in love with her, and she is being mystic, beautiful and above all unattainable to him. She loves him as a friend by rejects him as a lover. Similar goes for Jewish people; more prosperous future is unattainable. As we do in ?A Night in ?43? (Bassani), in this film we also observe the elements of attempts to differentiate Nazism and Fascism. The society is rather obviously based on class differences, and Giorgio?s father keeps hoping that Fascism is not as cruel as Nazism. This is just one of many elements of denial. It is in human nature to deny cruel reality until it is absolutely unavoidable. Perhaps the most visible symbol of it is the garden of the Finzi-Contini. It is an idyllic environment breathing with nostalgia and unwillingness to recognize what is going on outside the brick walls. The garden is a form of oasis where the Finzi-Contini family gathers their friends joined in denial of the cruel reality, not only do they gather in the garden, but Micol?s father keeps Italian, non-Jewish servants even though it has become illegal. He tries to escape the reality and does not hesitate to bribe the fascists to leave his garden intact.

The generation of Micol and Giorgio are at this point in time at crossroads. Micol?s brother Alberto is a symbol of childhood. He represents as the happiness, careless memories and safety of their adolescent years. With his death all this vanishes and adulthood and cruel reality of present prevails. He can also be a symbol of the conflict of good and evil times, a carrier of a message of what is to come ? death and destruction. The film shows that no wealth, prestige or education could protect Jews against Fascism in Italy, and also how these horrific times affected human life through a love story of Micol and Giorgio.

Nineteen forties were, no doubt, years of hatred and crimes against humanity. It is up to generations that remain and that are yet to come to make sure that such atrocities do not happen again. However, wars of a smaller scale are been fought constantly across the world Bassani shared his memories with the world to do his part in preventing the similar from happening again. De Sica made a film based on Basinni?s memories, and through symbolyzm depicted a lot more than is actually said in the film. ?A Night in ?43? (Bassini) and ?Il Gardino dei Finzi-Cantini? (de Sicca) both show very effectively how war affects all aspects of life even love.

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