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Throughout, The Theban Plays Creon remained an important character. From the first play King Oedipus through the second play Oedipus at Colonus Creon displayed a dramatic change in his character. A change in Creon?s personality was noticeable when the truth about Oedipus was revealed.

The very beginning of King Oedipus, Creon exposed a caring, concerned person.

Sharing with the town his good news allows the reader to see his concerned side. Creon informed the town about the previous king of Thebes, King Lais. Although after an argument between Oedipus and Teiresias, Creon?s attitude slightly changed. Among the three men there were a few miscommunications which led Oedipus and Creon to argue. The plays continued from there and Creon didn?t appear until the end. At this point the truth about Oedipus has been revealed and Creon has an intense conversation with Oedipus. Creon put the argument aside and let Oedipus say a few last words. It was also kind of him to allow Oedipus to see his children. Creon was then successor to his throne.

As Oedipus at Colonus opened up Creon didn?t appear until the middle of the play. Creon seemed to have a different view on life. The way he spoke with Oedipus allowed the audience to realize his different personality. Creon seemed to have a more bitter and less caring personality. Now that he was king, there was no need to be kind or helpful anymore. Oedipus and his daughter Antigone traveled to many places. Oedipus final does encounter Creon. As the two held a conversation, one may realize the ignorance of Creon. You might think that he would have some consideration for Oedipus and show some respect. Instead, he threatened him and made his life more difficult. King Theseus then arrived, he asked about all the commotion. Oedipus then explained to him the situation. Theseus unlike Creon was sympathetic for Oedipus and spoke to Creon. The play continues from there, although Creon is not at all mentioned.

In conclusion Creon changed from being a kind and gentleman to a rude and arrogant man. Can you see what a little power can do to someone? Creon basically thought he was better than other people. Especially Oedipus because of his tragic life.

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