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Real King Arthur

In The Once and Future King, Portayal of the Middle Ages is thought to be made of magnificent castles, beautiful clothing, great kings and queens everything and everyone perfect. No proof of the.Towns back then were not pretty. Dirt thrived in cities there were diseases and crud everywhere. Communities during the Middle Ages were not orderly. They were probably outright chaotic.

As far as the king goes, he probably did not do much to help the fairness of towns. Arthur, such a great king. He would not have existed back then. Kings during the time of The Once and Future King were mostly insane, or cruel, or just should never have been remembered. No king ever did so many things that they would have stood out so much as Arthur would have. Lancelot was a great fighter and was brave, fair and set on doing the right thing not many knights were like that.

Lancelot lived so easily he could get away with anything, and would fight for anyone as long as it was for the well-being of someone good. All blood and gore, no fancy romantic, pictures of life. It was dirty, and not always so ideal. As obvious as this is, it should be pointed out. The Once and Future King contained a magician, as wonderful as Merlyn is, and knowing that the story could not have taken place without him he could not have existed. But, unfortunately, reality just swipes him away.

In The Once and Future King there is a great part that goes on the knights of the Round Table. The thing thatbrings out the untruth of it. There may have been a few well behaved knights during the actual Middle Ages, but not enough to create a club and be so influential that the entire kingdom knew of you. Most knights were feared not desired. The knights in reality went around to towns pillaging and raping-basically destroying anything and everything.

The novel places knights in this innocence picture, a beautiful, yet completely absurd representation. All in all The Once and Future King is basically out of nothing, although the authors did a very nice job of creating a fairy tale out of a horrendous time. Most people like to pretend that the early Middle ages were great but facing reality, you just can not believe it. Too much dirt, too much violence all fighting no love and beauty. The time period can sprout love and beauty, given the right amount of spice, though. As The Once and Future King did.

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