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Fido Essay, Research Paper

I think the selling of all those dogs’ licensees is great it?s a great sign of people who have decided

to take on a new member to their family. I think all the licenses sold will increase I just hope all the people

that are getting dogs are doing for Love and not fighting.

The license program also paid for a one time deal was people could get there dogs Fixed for free or semi

free throw the sale of Dog licenses

But like every thing else it fell throw. The state said they have a new law witch reconstituted this law. I

think this would be great as for it will control the rising level of animals that are being left out in the

weather and give people a sense of mind that if they leave there dog out side for the day that 6-8 weeks

there wont be a little spares in the Dogs bed Called Puppies. The increase in sales does show more caring

and responsible owners are up and coming a may be soon their wont be a need for pounds to control

unwanted animals.

I hope that there will be more wide spread sales as forth this is a good sign that the Dogs are being (loved)

by someone, somewhere, somehow. I also think that there should be a fee that owes should pay once

every two or three years called save a friend where a $20 –$50 donation is required of course some people

should be exempted (Older People) from this fee as forth they are scraping by as it is and This Fee is to

help people like them pay for the medical bills of the Dogs. This System I believe would help there Older

members get my animals an not have to worry about the paying the doctors bill as forth it?s paid for. I also

think that veterinarians should be required to donate so many hours of service to practice this skill in Conn.

as forth this will also help Pets and there owners. One problem with modern Dog owner is the fact that they

think once they get the licensees now they think that they have to bring the Dog every time something

minor goes on and there aff!

irmed to pay the doctors bill. This people don?t realize that program like this not only controls the animal

but helps the owner and fellow Dog owners as forth the money they pay will go into free aid for this

animals and come back in some retribution to the owner. The real Dog owners don?t worry about the

medical Bills the cost of Dog food ,etc. all?s worry about is how is Fido. This is my view of the Dog


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