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Asdfa Essay, Research Paper


Occasionally, there comes a time in everyone’s life when they ask themselves if

they have a purpose. This question is not easy to answer, but can only be answered by the

person themselves. I once asked myself this very question. My purpose in life is simply to

live. My answer to this question may be wrong, may look simple, and you may even

laugh at it, but it means much more than it seems. The term “to live” has many meanings

to me. Love, happiness, charity, and justice are just a few meanings I feel are parallel to

this term.

Love is a constant reminder of why I would want to have a purpose in life. When

a person loves with their heart, the feeling they have is like no other. Anyone can love

with his or her mind or body, but love of the heart and soul is hard to come by. I have

loved with my mind many times before, but its not the same. I believe I have been struck

with love, because it hit me like a freight train. The swift perfume and luscious looks of a

girl are usually only temporary and I forget about it after the essence is gone. Although I

believe I found the perfect combination of perfume, looks, and personality. Her name is

Jodi Block. She is the the coolest person I know. She likes me for who I really am and

doesn t laugh at me for mistakes I make, or ever criticizes me for anything I do. She is

always there with a compliment or telling me how good of a job I did on something. She

is always there to listen to me when I have get something off my chest. I don t know

what I would do with out her. At the current moment, the only people I love with my

heart are Jodi, my mother and father, and my two siblings Jordan and Erin. I don t like to

admit it, but its the truth. Like any son or daughter, I would be devastated if anything

ever happened to them before their time. They are my main reason for wanting to


The world has come to know that being happy is better than being sad. I believe

the reason for this can never have an exact answer, but happiness is good and sadness is

bad. Almost everyone agrees with this statement. The dilemma we must face ourselves

with is what makes us happy and sad. There is no universal constant that makes everyone

happy or everyone sad. The factors are for everyone. For myself, going hunting, fishing,

driving, and being with Jodi are fun and make me happy. These factors associated with

myself are for the most part positive activities. Surrounding myself with positive

reflections comes by nature. Many people these days are materially well off, but are

unhappy. We surround ourselves with clever toys, movies, and fashionable clothing, but

in reality we are as mortal as any other is. Like most, I feel infringed upon when

negativity is present. Though happiness is the goal of most, being sad is necessary. To be

always happy in life would be as useless as having Christmas day everyday. We would

soon begin detesting it. The question we must ask ourselves is what do we need to have

that perfect balance of happiness? True happiness can only come from the understanding

of that individual’s environment and nature of existence.

Charity is a virtue that is deemed torturous by some, prosperous by others, but a

necessity by most. Helping the fellow man has been known to happen since the dawn of

time. Think of how many charitable acts have been committed throughout our many years

of existence. Some of us would not be alive today if it were not for the fact. Think of

when that soldier helped his comrade out of the trench or when that businessman spared a

few coins for the homeless man on the street. These few examples show that when a

person is in a time of need and they are not helped, grave dangers lie ahead until they are

helped. Personally, I feel it is a duty to commit a charitable act when possible. If

volunteer work is needed and I do not sign up without good reason, I normally feel guilty.

I put myself in the position of the needed. If I were that person in need, would I have

someone to help me? I answer yes through volunteer work, donations, or charitable acts.

Charity is a necessity to those who receive, a simple act to those who give, and blessing

to us all.

Some have said that you can measure a person’s worth by how successful they

have been. I beg to differ because of other factors, but prosperity is a virtue deemed

important. I want to prosper in the future not only because I would like to make my

parents proud, but because I was born for success. For years it has been engraved into my

sub conscience that if I work hard, I will be prosperous. I plan on leading a successful

life, but prosperity is not limited to long-term future actions. Anyone can be successful in

just setting a worthwhile goal and accomplishing it. In the past two years I’ve sat through

numerous business lectures and career workshops that were designed to broaden my

intellectual thinking of the job market. Quite frankly, I’m sick of hearing about statistics

with this technology field and how much money I can make in that one. I’ve learned

plenty of skills to make myself prosperous and even learned “the art of verbal

manipulation”, which is supposedly going to help me get a higher salary. Prosperity has

its importance, but I say you can measure a person’s worth by how happy they are and

have been.

Knowing your personality is an aspect of life that I feel is important. You must be

able to judge yourself before you can judge another. Personally, I have a moderate

preference for emotions and impressions, but prefer my own familiar traits because that is

where I feel most at ease. I don’t like being in strange places or having numerous

relationships. I prefer having a small number of friends that are deep and important, rather

than a ton of friends that I see every once in a while. An important component of my

personality is reflected in my lifestyle. My preference is for that of a spontaneous and

flexible life, rather than a set and fixed one. Taking things as they come is intriguing to

me and surprises in life are even better. Feeling good about oneself is vital to survival.

Without it, extreme measures, including suicide, may be taken. Though I do have my

occasional letdowns, I am happy with who I am and with what I have become.

Next to love and happiness, I feel drive and dedication are the most important

virtues a person can have. Because I live my life from goal to goal, achieving and having

other virtues come that much more easily. My most recent goal was to make sure I get to

work and back home safely. My current goal is to try and write over four pages for my

philosophy of life essay. Though I’m not quite there yet, setting goals comes natural to

me. I do not prefer to write my goals down and keep track of how I’m doing on them. I

rather keep them in my head and refer to them when needed. This is a previously stated

aspect of my personality. Whether everyone knows it or not, setting and thinking out our

goals is the basis for achieving them. Drive and dedication achieve goals for any

hardworking individual.

Above love, happiness, and dedication is my relationship with God. Though I

have not visited his home on a consistent basis, I know when to pay my respect. I feel

praising Him is necessary, but I choose to do it in my own way. I tend to pray when least

expected. My relationship with God may not be to full scale, but I believe Him, love Him,

praise Him, and respect Him. The rest is just details.

I asked myself if I had a purpose in life during my junior year of high school. At

the time, I had almost no idea of what I was asking myself. Though I still do not know the

meaning of life, I know my purpose in life is to live with happiness, love, prosperity,

charity, justice, and determination. My relationship and praise of God is the most

important factor. In summary, I long to love, but do not love to long. Happiness and

contentment are thrived on by all, but not all realize that it is charity which will bring

these virtues. Besides these, drive and determination will also bring a person to be

prosperous and happy. My philosophy is to live life to its fullest with no virtuous

restrictions on yourself. Always taking another chance, exploring the boundaries, fighting

my limitations. Always wanting more than I can have, opening doors that are better left

closed, and wounds that should have long since healed. Accomplishing little in my

endeavors to fulfill my life and trying to make sense of it all. Always trying to make the

impossible a reality, attempting to fix the unrepairable. Doing things the hard way is how

I make my way, thriving on stress and attempting the impossible. Some say I take great

pleasure in self-affliction, I ask if there is any other way.

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