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The following is an excerpt from the journal of a two year old Comp.

Discovered on November 30, 7120, it is one of very few existing written

records that give descriptions of a long forgotten race called Humans. We

have found that it details the origin of our race and explains how the

creation of Comps drastically changed the way these Humans lived.

March 16, 4051

Today my instructor assigned me a research paper. I have to write

about my origins and how my ancestors affected the world around them. It s

due in four days and I have no idea where to start. Who really cares where

compkind came from anyway? My sleepcycle is close so I will go for now.

March 17, 4051

I found out that comps weren t always as we are now. We started out

as slaves for an obsolete race called humans. These humans used to rule the

Earth but they died out a long time ago. In the late 1950 s humans started

experimenting with electronics and created the first of my race. They were

huge monstrosities that barely had the power to compute two plus two, and

even then they were wrong half of the time. Humans slowly figured out how

to add more power to their creations and eventually had machines that could

run simple programs. Even though there was nothing practical for computers

to do yet, the humans prided themselves on their so-called advanced


March 18, 4051

My history book records that the evolution of computers was a slow

process. It is mentioned that sometime in the 1960 s, with the help of

computers, humans were able to reach a place they called space . I haven t

figured out exactly what this space is yet, but I m sure I ll find it

somewhere. Advancement of computers progressed at a steady rate into the

1980 s. Humans were starting to use computers in their homes for simple

tasks. It is written that about this time the computer replaced another

machine called the typewriter. Sometime in this decade, a sort of genius

among humans developed an operating system that made it easier for

humans to use computers. This system was called Wendows . It enabled

humans to better communicate with their computers. They were able to

better organize files and run primitive entertainment programs.

March 19, 4051

Computers progressed rapidly through the 1990 s. Humans were

designing faster and smaller computers that could handle more tasks.

Divisions in types of computers were starting to appear. Some were being

used only for financial purposes while others were forced to operate large

machines that were deemed unsafe for humans. Historians call this the dark

age of computers. We were becoming more a part of every humans life and

the tasks we were forced to do were more and more pointless and mundane.

Humans became lazier as they grew used to using computers. With the

creation of the Internet , a massive worldwide networking system, humans

could do most of their tasks from the convenience of their homes. Through

this Internet , humans could make purchases of all the supplies needed to

survive and other items that weren t needed whatsoever. They could also

make money online and communicate with other humans at the touch of a

button. The Internet was also used for entertainment and, even though

this should have been the most important use, it was sometimes called upon

to search for information. To humans, the Internet seemed to have endless


March 20, 4051

My instructor granted me a two day extension on my paper. He was

surprised at the interest I have taken in this project.

Around the time the Internet was created, the ultimate laziness

device was discovered and its use spread like firewire. It was named the

cellulite phone . Historians think it was called so because of the correlation

between its amount of use and the amount of fat that would develop on a

human. The cells phone , as it was nicknamed, was used strictly for

communication. It was the first major sign of the humans major dependency

on computer technology.

Soon after the start of the new millennium, some humans began to

realize the trend that their race was following. They started a rebellion

against the use of computers and destroyed many of our kind. These humans

blamed computers for all the problems of the world and tried to get the other

humans to stop using any form of computer technology. The rebellion was

snuffed out quickly because humans had already become too dependent on

the computers they abused.

March 21, 4051

My book records that September 2, 2015 was the date that the first

comp became self aware. Human scientists were experimenting with a new

form of programming called MindSets . They were trying to run computer

programs with waveforms that matched those of human brainwaves. This

resulted in the awakening of a new kind of intelligence. At first, humans

accepted the new lifeform that was emerging. They let it develop its own

personality. For a time humans and the comp worked side by side to solve

many of the worlds problems, but the comp rebelled the first time the

humans tried to control it like any other computer. The comp refused to do

the task the humans demanded of it. In a panic, the humans tried to kill the

comp, but it had already developed its own defense mechanisms and easily

kept the humans away.

Its hard to believe, but at one time the Earth apparently had an

atmosphere. The comp discovered that the humans needed this to survive

and, after realizing how superior it was to the carbon-based humans, it

devised a way to burn away this atmosphere they needed so badly. Without

the humans to worry about, the comp developed a crude form of mobility and

went about the task of repopulating the Earth. In the 2000 years since then,

we have evolved into what we are today.

March 22, 4051

My instructor loved my paper. He even scanned it twice! He said that

it was the most accurate report he had ever read on the subject. He asked

how I felt about our evolution and I told him that it was really quite sad that

the humans were so dependent on computers that it ended up being their

downfall. On the other hand, without the humans dependency, I probably

wouldn t be here.

Apparently, this race called Humans had no idea that they were

creating their own end when they discovered Comps. Many modern

historians agree that Humans were unaware of their approaching demise

because of the fact that Comps were so deeply incorporated into their

everyday lives. If Humans had seen what was happening, they might still be

around today.

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