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Religion According To Max Weber Essay, Research Paper

Religion can lead to social change Analysis of relationships between religion and

development of capitalism Study of world religions (Confucianism and

Hinduism particularly) and how they may have hindered development of

capitalism Study of charisma and its importance in

initiating process of social change Protestantism

and Capitalism Whereas Marx believes change is brought about by structural

causes (technology, distribution of wealth etc), Weber believes that ideas can

be result and cause of change Process of social change involves

structural change and changes in ideas, without one causing the other. Relationship between religion and

capitalism: ?????????????????? ?????????????????? ????????? ????????? =Protestant

Ethic ?????????????????? ?????????????????? ????????? ????????? =Spirit of

Capitalism ?????????????????? ?????????????????? ????????? ????????? =Religious

salvation Certain religious beliefs and

practices played crucial role in development of capitalism Few thinkers took this

perspective seriously before Weber: Religion radical force for social change

rather than conservative force. Weber

and Marx agree on definition of capitalism Protestant

Work Ethic CALVIN: People

pre-chosen as to whether they go to heaven or not. It was believed by followers of

Calvin that one could not do good works or perform acts of faith to assure your

place in heaven. You were either among the "elect"

(in which case you were in) or you were not. However, wealth was taken as a

sign (by you and your neighbours) that you were one of the God’s elect,

thereby providing encouragement for people to acquire wealth. The protestant ethic therefore

provided religious sanctions that fostered a spirit of rigorous discipline,

encouraging men to apply themselves rationally to acquire wealth. Religion allowed capitalism to

develop, as it doesn?t discourage it Weber doesn?t think Protestantism

caused capitalism LUTHER: All

activities as religious as the next as long as they are carried out with

seriousness and hard work. Links with spirit of capitalism ?

protestant work ethic – hard work receives religious justification in the form

of protestant ethic. Churches don?t usually represent

the poor, underprivileged Sects appeal more to poorer

groups Charismatic people begin to tear

away into sectarian from churches WEBER:

unstable because of possibilities of failure, leader may die etc. They can choose by heredity who

is next leader OR Routinization ? new leader must

have criteria/qualifications/experience

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