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Preludes 1-4 By T.S. Eliot Essay, Research Paper

In this paper I will explain The Form, The Structure and The Meaning

in the Preludes I through IV written by T.S. Eliot.

Form is the metrical and stanziac organization of a poem. T.S. Eliot

write the first Prelude in a 13-line stanza. He writes the second Prelude in

Cinquains. He uses 15 stanza form in Prelude three. For Prelude four he uses

9-Quatrain-Tercet. I believe that he wrote these Preludes in Traditional

writting because it has metrics and stanziac writtings and Candence which is

phrases which fall into Symmetrical or almost Symmetrical patterns observed

when speech rhythm is highly organized also known as Free Speech.

Structure is the fromal asspect of a poem seperated from form

including the arrangement and developement of images, metaphors and

various statements and situations in relation to the theme. Some of the

Structures used are Ambiguity, double or multiple meanings attached to

words or situations, and then the lighting of the lamps, Symbolism, a word

or image that signafies something other than what it represents, raising

dingy shades in a thousand furnished rooms, Irony, statement that

contadicts the actuak attitude of the speaker or a situation that turns out

different than whats expected, you tossed a blanket from the bed you lay

upon your back and waited…you curled the papers from your hair or

clasped the yellow soles of your feet in the palms of both soiled hands.

I believe the meaning of the first Prelude is that Eliot is trying to explain

the seasons in one poem. He says the winter evening settles down

(winter)..the burnt-out ends of smokey days(summer)..wiethered leaves

about your feet(fall)…the showers beat down(spring)..

Prelude I think that he is explaing in the first paragraph the morning after a big

party and the in the second he follows with almost the same theme except the

party is in a big hall. For the third Prelude I believe hes explaing the morning

after a long night of work that needed to be done. The last Prelude I believe

that he is trying to explain the presence of a spirit watching over a busy world

filled with images of workers.

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