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Macbeth was a Machiavellian man. He committed many devilish crimes and he bribed men to do his murderous schemes. He used the power he had against other men to get what he wanted. Macbeth wanted to rule Scotland and when he was in command, if he was worried about someone or something, he made sure everything was taken care of to keep his mind at rest. He had regrets when he killed Duncan, but none of his sins evaded his mind, and he remained happy during the time he reigned as king. The only thing that he absolutely feared was Macduff and his own death.

Macbeth used two men to accomplish his sin of killing Banquo and Fleance. Macbeth wanted Banquo and Fleance dead because Macbeth did not want any of Banquo?s descendants to acquire his position after he died. To turn the men against Banquo, Macbeth said that it was all Banquo?s fault that they were poor and did not have anything else to live for. ?That it was he in the times past, which held you/ So under fortune.? (3.1.117-118) Macbeth keeps telling them how mean, selfish and heartless Banquo was. He made the men believe that Banquo was their rival. ?Both of you/ Know Banquo was your enemy.? (3.1.131-132) Macbeth asks the men if they forgive Banquo for what he has done, to test their loyalty towards Banquo. ?To pray for this good man and for his issue,/ Whose heavy hand hath bowed you to the grave.? (3.1.99-100) Macbeth can divert the mind of a person with his performance.

Macbeth wanted to rule Scotland and if anything got in his way, he was sure to get rid of it, no matter what it took. When Duncan was king, Macbeth killed him to acquire his reign. When Banquo suspected Macbeth of killing the king, Macbeth was worried that Banquo might find who really killed Duncan. Macbeth hired two men to kill Banquo. Macbeth also killed the family of Macduff because Macbeth was scared of him. ?The castle Macduff I will surprise/ Seize upon Fife, give to th? edge o? th? sword? (4.1.171-172) Macduff was his opponent. Macbeth knew Macduff could kill him in an instant.

Macbeth had his regrets after he killed King Duncan. When he killed Banquo, his ghost haunted his conscience by making Macbeth regret killing his human form. At the time that Macbeth killed Macduff?s family, Macbeth had no regrets what so ever. Macbeth never though twice about the killings, because Macduff was unfaithful to his king. After Macbeth killed

Duncan, Macbeth wished he had not murdered him. ?To know my deed ?twere best not know myself./ Wake Duncan with thy knocking.? (2.3.93-94) Once Macbeth was accustomed with murdering people, he did not have any regrets.

There were only two things that really made Macbeth worry and made him scared, those being his own death and Macduff himself. Macbeth was terrified of dying for he wished to be King of Scotland forever. One other reason why he was afraid of his death was that the witches predicted

that Banquo?s descendants would become king, and the line of kings would be long. Macbeth believed that he would live forever he trusted the witches which also told him that he would never be harmed until Birnam Wood climbed Dunsinane Hill and only a person who was not born from a woman could kill him. The reason that Macbeth was afraid of Macduff was because Macbeth knew that he was the real person who killed the king. Also, Macduff was gone to England to get the British army to fight Macbeth. Macbeth was scared of Macduff because he was able and strong enough to kill him and everyone was on the side of Macduff, since no one agreed with Macbeth?s ways anymore.

Finally, Macbeth was very cruel and mean. He was an evil man who could go to any length to be in control. He used men to work, accomplishing his schemes, and was scared of nothing but death and his opponent. He did not have any regrets. Macbeth was very machiavelinious.

He had all the characteristics of a Machavellian man. He was undoubtfully the man with the most devilish schemes.

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