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School Prayer Essay, Research Paper

The United States Supreme court will once again address the issues of prayer in public schools. In the constitution, it guarantees freedom of religion, and separation between church and state. Should the government be allowed to base an opinion on social values versus social values? Just like any other controversy, there are two opposing sides.

People who support school prayer feel that it is essential to the student to have relogion in schools. They say that a student learns moral beliefs and religious beliefs if they start they day off with a prayer. The people who support this issue say that it would not be mandatory for the student to prey and it will be completely optional. They want the government to allow it but not require it.

There are many students who don?t feel that school prayer should be illegal. A Muslim must pray five times a day and he or she may feel they are being religiously violated if he or she is not allowed to pray on school grounds. Since it is there belief that they should pray five times a day it would be logical to say that if they don?t pray during school hours they would miss a prayer.

There are many more people who oppose school prayer than people who are for it. People feel that school prayer is a way to force someone to convert to a specific religion. Also, many students don?t know what they are doing, but they do it because they don?t want to feel left out. The student may be scared of getting in trouble.

Public schools are obviously supported by tax dollars and many tax payers don?t feel that public schools should teach religion.

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