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Cosi Essay, Research Paper


The film “Cosi” directed by _______ is brought to life from Mozarts time. The film journeys through the lives of some very ‘diverse’characters, diverse in that the audience is unaware of what to expect next. 5 main aspects involved in film making; theme, mood, dramatic tension, vocal dynamics, emotions expressed are a major contribution to the sucessfull production of “Cosi.”

The theme is presented from the opening of the film, where ____ is desperate for a job and accepts one at a mental institution. Here he meets a troupe of very special individuals, who he combines with to present a remarkeable production of “Cosi Fan Tutte”. The film relates the classic tale of defying the odds, determination through adversity, to recognize and respond to your inner most feelings and desires. It presents this special group of people as a valued part of our society, showing that appearences really don’t matter at all – its about people getting in touch with themselves and following their dreams. The theme is produced superbly in that it conveys the message of people doing things they thought possible, or in other words, completion through Self – belief.

The mood in “Cosi” is often reflected upon as the film ventures further into the lives of the mentally handicapped. Together the audience experience a change in characters showing the metamorphosis of small timid beings into confident, outgoing individuals. The attidudes of the characters during the finale, reflect the sastification of a job well done; the twinkle in the eye or the nudge in the ribs, from the start to end are evidence of the perseverance involved in the production.

The dramatic tension in “Cosi” is a major contribution of the film’s development. Constantly the audience are lead to believe that there is no way the characters can pull anything off, yet time and time again the audience is mistaken. The continuos tension between characters divulge into their personal lives as ____ soon learns that his best friend is quite interested in ____ girlfriend. Losing friends fast ____ can only rely on his newfound friends who comfort him in his times of need, making him feel wanted and loved.

Vocal dynamics in Cosi make up an important part of the movie. The way each character somehow relates to one another and the fact that through the characters voices we can experience what they’re pondering about. Each character has a unique voice that the audience can respond to and clearly remember. This helps to idientify the characters in terms of feelings and emotions expressed.

The many emotions experienced in Cosi help the characters grow together as they help each other overcome his or her problems and stand up for one another. It is quite fascinating how at the start of the production of “Cosi Fan Tutte” everyone had a grudge or bad feelings towards one another, however as the production continues by the end of the movie the whole cast have grown close together; because of the effort all had put in.

The five major aspects in Cosi, mood, theme and dramatic tension, vocal dynamics and the emotions experienced help us to understand the movie in a deeper sense, in that it makes us think more about ourselves and be grateful for who and what we are.

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