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Shop Online or At the Malls?

Radiation, sore eyes, fatigue carpal tunnel syndrome and characteristics of a hermit. These are the common ?sickness? people get when working with computers too long. Shopping is one of the largest industries in the world. For the people who decide to shop on the Internet, have to face many disadvantages. Many people prefer to shop in malls because they are able to see and feel the texture of the things that they want before they purchase it. Usually when purchasing a product online through the net, people do not know what they are really getting. Maybe the picture or the way the product is described on the Internet could be imprecise and incorrect. When shopping at the malls, consumers are able to interact with sales people and be able to get the highest quality of service. Technology may be an essential part of our lives, but it will never take over our daily lives.

Computers are a valuable source of technology to humans these days. Everyday people use these machines to do their work, but when it comes down to shopping, it is a different experience. Shopping on the Internet may seem like an easy way out from the traffic and the crowded malls, but nothing can beat the hands on experience of shopping. Shopping in malls gives the consumers the chance of using their four out of five senses: to look, feel, smell and hear. The consumers are able to look at every little detail there is on the product they want before purchasing it. Where as, when using the Internet the consumer is only able to see a small picture of what they want without any details. Also the consumer can feel the quality of their product that they are purchasing. On the Internet, it is impossible to feel anything, but ones own computer. There is also the smell of some of the products that cannot be smelled through the Internet. The smell of 100% pure silk, leather and the smell of fresh made chocolates. Then last but not least comes hearing. When purchasing a product through the Internet, the consumer would not be able to hear the compliments or bad reviews that the salesperson might have to say.

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