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My Planet Earth

Buried lost within my sleep, I am illusioned by a dream. Confused by the situation, I hear sirens and flashes of light, rigorously delivering discomfort. Perplexed by the ordeal, I twist and turn and suddenly I awaken. Breathing heavily I take a sigh of relief realizing that distorted sounds of the sirens were only that of my alarm. As I get up of my bed, I draw back the blinds and slide across my fogged window. I find nothing but pure blackness, and the flurry of the morning chill. I am discouraged but I know that this day will grow to be the most beautiful things on earth.

As I stare up overhead at a moonlit sky surrounded by the thousand ?pinpoint?, I smell coolness of eucalyptus extracted from the giant trees, and the fresh scent of air, so pristine and untouched by mankind. All I can hear is the blackness of the atmosphere. There is no life, and the world is at peace, it is at rest.

Then suddenly, the slumber is ceased, and the day awakens. The stars begin to fade and the first light of day appears. The eyes of the earth slowly opens and elegance of the sun gradually emerges above the horizon from the far east, painting vivid patches of red, orange, and blue. Suddenly I see flocks of birds flying from nowhere in a disfigured ?V? formation as I hear the wake up call of the rooster somewhere across the dew and mist of the morning air. Although so soft, I hear trickling from the trees drenched by the cleansing morning rain clashing with the sweet songs of the birds within them. As every single second goes by, the sun rises higher and higher, warming up the earth and lighting the sky. The earth has awakened. Comforted by the tranquility, I lay back to rest and contemplate on whether this gracefulness will last.

Relaxed, I once again fall into a deep sleep. Taking each breath as it comes. All I felt was the warmth?s of my blanket, and all I could see was the pitch-blackness induced by the closure of my eyelids. Unexpectedly, a furious flash of light ignites, and the violent sounds of the siren develop, I scream but I can not hear myself cry. I faintly see my mother. She lays peacefully on a tar ruined lane, I run to her, but every step seems to convey me further away from her. I hear her cry, but her cry stops, she calls for my help. She calls my name. ?Peter!? I hear. Sounding so terribly real, and agitated by the situation, I twist and turn and suddenly I awaken to the kind touch of my mother?s hand. ?Are you okay Peter?? mother asked. All I could do was hug her and tell her ?I loved you!? My heavy breathing transforms into drips of tears but they dry before my mother could see. I reflect on the dream, and consider that maybe the dream had a meaning. Am I taking my mother for granted?

As I peacefully sit out on the front porch, I am struck by the powerful radiance of sun. It demonstrates all its intensity and solar power. Like on a desert island, I can feel the unbearable heat burning my skin but it is constantly soother by the friendly greeting of a southern wind. The trees dance from to right, rustling their leaves together making the sound as one might do with their hands on a cold day. The heavens above looking also much like the earth itself, with the vast baby blue oceans encompassing the floating white islands with silver shorelines.

After few hours of contemplating, I looked up once more, and all I saw was the tiredness of the earth, accompanied by a rich red. The earth is tired and weary, and I guess it must rest. Howling winds are sent once again to cool the earth. The birds far above fleet to where they once originated. As they fly across the warm horizon, the sun falls beyond them into a land far west. Like the dawn of day, the sky is once again filled with the magnificent array of colour. Showing a red heat near the sun, but a blue coolness away in the east. Darker and darker the world becomes, but moonlit sky accompanied by the glittering stars overcomes the fear of darkness. The magnificence and beauty of the cycle day only left us with the heavens to watch. And tomorrow we will once see the cycle continue, but this time I hope someone else will respect its beauty.

The beauty of a day here on Earth is a beauty long taken for granted. We all have experienced it, but does not appreciate it until it is gone, but I fear when that time comes, the beauty will be lost forever.

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