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Medea Essay, Research Paper

The play Medea is, quite frankly, the story of a relationship gone very bad. So bad, in fact, that it ends in a quadruple homicide. Where Jason is the abusive boyfriend to Medea, Medea is the woman Scorned to Jason. This play is a fine example of what NOT to do in a relationship. But for all the wrongs that both Jason and Medea commit throughout the play, Medea is by far the character that wreaks the most havoc upon anyone unlucky enough to be in her path at the wrong time. Not only does Medea kill her brother, Creon and his daughter out of spite, but she then proceeds to commit incesticide by viscously murdering her own children. She did all of these things for and because of Jason. Just like a relationship of today, Jason and Medea were excited and happy about each other in the begining. Then, Jason tired of Medea and decided to marry another woman while Medea fell deeper in love with Jason. This is a theme that is still the most popularly used in stories today, the love triangle.

I find it amazing that the same type of stories that captivated audiences in 451 B.C. can still captivate the modern audience today. The end of this story is very much like the movie, The War of the Roses . The fighting between the couple in that movie seemed as vicious and cruel as it gets in Medea between Jason and Medea. They so hate each other by the end of the story, that the entire ending is devoted to them cursing each other and wishing out loud that each had never met the other. They both wish that they had never had children either. The play closes with two very angry people cursing each other.

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