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Personal Essay: The Yemin Order Project Essay, Research Paper

Personal Essay: The Yemin Order Project

I am extremely happy at school which has helped and encouraged me to develop all

my skills both educational and social. I was also part of the Yemin Orde project

from which I benefitted enormously. Therefore as the school has done so much for

me I would like and want to return something positive back into the school, and

I feel that this is an excellent opportunity for me to achieve my goal.

- Leadership – I teach a large class of children at Cheder including me

planning work for them. – Ability to work in a team – I exhibited this skill on

the Duke Of Edinburgh expedition – Ability to work as an individual – I am able

to use my initiative which can be seen when I designed a computer presentation

for the prospective Parents Evening this school year. – Ability to grasp a

situation and respond appropriately – I exhibited this skill during my time in

Yemin Orde when a friend of mine had an asthma attack and I individually aided

him while going to find help.

I am decisive yet open minded and I am able to listen attentively. I have the

ability to reach sound judgements without accepting unquestionably and can

report my decision in a fair and balanced way. I believe that I can work well

with authority in a variety of situations and I can realise where the ultimate

authority lays. I believe that the position of Student Officer is not so much

one of authority but of responsibility.

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