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One of the generalities about people involved with and within the game of baseball is that they criticize the game, themselves, and their techniques.

One of the biggest critics of the game is the players themselves. The players say that they are in a slump when they go 0 for 20. They say things like, ?I?m stinking it up,? and just keep continuing in a self-flagellation filled with expletives. Yet they forget to realize that the season is 162 games long and what is a measly 0 for 20 going to do to them. They forget to realize that if you fail 70 percent of the time you make it into the hall of fame. Then when they go on a streak and go 11 for 20 they contradict themselves by saying they are not getting paid enough. This is all part of the game going 0 for 20 one week and go 11 for 20 another. It is supposed to happen.

Getting paid more leads me to another issue that was involved with baseball. The strike that just happened a few years back. Players wanted more money, not realizing what it could do to the America?s Pastime and to them. This allowed analyst to criticize the game and say that it was fading out. Now they contradict themselves by saying America?s pastime will never die because of the records that have been broken just this year. In no doubt the homerun record being broke added a jolt to baseball, but that is not the point, people need to cherish America?s pastime for what it has done to our country.

However, there are critics within the teaching of baseball. Old school teachers criticize new teachers and new teachers criticize old school teachers. The old school teachers teach players to throw their hands at the ball and new teachers teach players to throw the barrel at the ball. Coaches are stubborn and self-centered, they think there is the only way. However, there is not two players who have the same swing. They contradict themselves by saying that you should combined the old school swing with the new style and take it from there. However they fail to realize that they shouldn?t be changing the players swings, but should be using their knowledge to refine players swings.

People with and within in the game shouldn?t try to criticize by finding flaws. They should try to promote the game and not let the game get a bad rap. The game is a game of failure, so they shouldn?t try to criticize themselves, the game, and its teachings. They should realize that it is America?s pastime and it has done a lot for them and for the country.

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