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This is just a test. How you do on the tests determines your prospective, just like any other test given to prove your worthy. Passing a test can lead to jubilance in paradise, but failing a test can lead to depression in netherworld. We humans have been given a gift, not like any other gift: the ability to use tools. The pre-medical student must take the MCAT to be accepted medical school. The pre-engineer must take the mechanical test to be accepted to a job. This terminology applies to everything in this world. Before technology, we used bows and arrows to pass the survival test. We use law and order to pass the ethics test. We use calculators to pass math tests. We use all kinds of tools to help ourselves. What about the spiritual test? Is there a tool to help us pass it? The jahnamaz is a type of rug that has been used for thousands of years just for that purpose. This tool is an impenetrable fabric with a surface area almost that of a flying carpet. This rectangular textile resembles an object commonly found outside of someone s doorstep, which reads, WELCOME. But the humbleness and salutation that s felt by this tool is much greater.When it s undisturbed, I can see it resting on the counter. The thick finger-sized red yarns at the long ends and the bright royal colors remind me of the cape worn by the Mighty King. I take a glance at the clock, and think to myself, The time has come. I grab the tool. Its sensuous fur brings a majestic feeling to my hands. I hold one end of it and begin to unfold it. Willingly regaining its shape, like magic, it automatically floated to the ground. The flexible tool was no longer malleable. It suddenly became confidently strong and rigid to bring me toward the Mighty King as it hugged the floor. I stepped onto it; then again, I felt the same softness against my feet. I touched my lower ears with my thumbs and said, Allah Akhber, then tied my hands on my stomach with my face facing the base.

It has a three-dimensional design onto it. Its design gives an illusion that you are inside a Mosque facing the temple where Prophet Mohammed s body is buried. The temple, with a dome and a steeple that has a moon on it, is emerald green representing one of his favorite peaceful colors. You re in the Mosque surrounded by dark scarlet red, the first dimension, representing neglect, cruelty and blood in the world, giving you a feeling of imprisonment. Look outside, and you ll see the green temple, the second dimension, representing humbleness, forgiveness, and peace, giving you a feeling of guidance and hope. Finally, take a good look at the clear sky illuminating the temple, the third dimension, representing the hereafter.The sky is clear without a single cloud, not even blue. I stand there wondering what color the sky is going to be for me. I ask myself, Will I pass the test? Will the heavenly white sky show me paradise or netherworld? Whatever the truth, I know the Great King is watching. He s right behind the mysterious white sky watching my every move. I just know he s there, waiting to see if I ll head toward the second dimension to the temple and join Prophet Mohammed when I m departed.This tool is helping me pass the spiritual test. It points me toward the Creator, and reminds me to prepare myself for judgement day. During prayer, the three-dimensional design on the rug influences me to look beyond the first dimension by giving the omnipotent King what he wants. Humbleness, forgiveness, and gratefulness towards him and others, those are the basics of his examination. That s the test. All the creatures in this world, all the non-living substances, all the people, all the pleasure and pain, all the inclemency and comfort, all the right and wrong, are just part of a test.

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