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Legalize Marijuana Essay, Research Paper

I, for one, believe that Marijuana should be legalized. I have several

reasons for this, the main

one is that it would almost completely eliminate the crime and other

problems associated with

the drug. We would need fewer police officers looking for pot, we could

concentrate drug

education in schools on the more grievously damaging drugs (heroin,

cocaine, LSD).

The only long term effects marijuana has on a person are the same as with

cigarettes. No one

would dare prohibit the sale and possession of those, and pot isn’t

treated with an array of

chemicals. It’s just picked, dried, and smoked. Marijuana has similar

short term effects as

those of beer, but more relaxing. Marijuana tends to mellow a person,

while alcohol might

make someone violent. Plus alcohol contrivutes to brain and liver


I can not say that I completely advocate the recreational uses of

marijuana, but it nothing else

there are definitely medicinal uses such as the treatment of glaucoma.

It also tends to increas

the appatites of terminaly ill AIDS patients who otherwise wouldn’t have

the desire to eat.

I think the repercussions of legalizing pot would be almost completely

beneficial to society as

a whole. The beneficial effects outweigh the adverse. This subject

should be seriously

investigated by our government.

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