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The salamander?s habits are very interesting. They sleep in underground

caves. The caves are usually wet. They also sleep under fallen leaves and under

rocks. They spend most of their time under fallen branches. The salamander likes

to stay in moist areas. They are found in Europe, Africa, and The United States.

The way the salamander reproduces is not unique. They lay eggs. They

lay their eggs on land, as well as in water. The salamander can lay hundreds of

eggs at one time. Whether or not all the eggs hatch has to do with nature.

The salamander?s diet is common. They eat insects, which they catch

with their tongue. They also eat worms, which they whip with their tail. The

slugs that they also like to eat, are found by their keen sense of smell.

The size of the salamander can vary. Some of the salamanders are as

small as 1.10 centimeters. Others can grow from four to six inches. The Andria

salamander gets even larger than this. The Andria can grow up to 180


The salamander?s appearance also varies. Their colors may be red, blue,

orange, yellow and black. This makes it easy for them to blend in with nature.

They have a long tail and webbed feet. Their body is long and tubular. Their

heads are somewhat shaped like an oval with no neck. The head narrows toward

the front after their eye location.

I think the salamander is very interesting. I like to look at the different

colors that they are. I have seen and caught salamander?s in the woods by my

house, but I let them go back into their habitat.

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