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Logistics Essay, Research Paper

Logistics played a large role in Dow Chemicals competitive advantage by, by making sure that there products arrive just in time. The have an alliance with Union Pacific which helped a lot, and with there network of trucks, barges and ships they are able to reach it to customers. Barges and ocean liners allow large amounts to be traveled then from one destination to another. Then from there are broken up to smaller amounts to go to all the customers.

The value added services that Dow?s logistics system provides to its customers. Is that they fill all their needs, and having the product there just in time. They also reduce the cost of shipping therefor reducing the cost of their product. By doing this it also increases company profits. The customer doesn?t need to worry about there product not getting there because they have a computerized system that follows the product from when it leaves till when it gets there.

Dow uses supply chain management techniques to improve logistics in many ways. By giving their employee?s empowerment to help them figure out which may be best for the company. The employee then can also make crucial decisions on the spot. Also preventive maintenance to improve chemical logistic safety. For example Dow cars equipped with ultra sonic devices plus 2 weekly visual inspections to make sure the rail carriers tracks are running up to par.

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