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Traditional Argentina Foods Essay, Research Paper

ARGENTINAS TRADITIONAL FOODS Many foods are grown in Argentina. Some of the foods are wheat, potatoes, soy beans, mutton, barley, flax, corn, and many fruits and vegtables. These foods are shipped to the big cities and from there they are shipped to small islands. Many meats are packed in Argentina as well. This is called food processing. Beef is the most popular food for Argentines. Some people it eat up to three times a day. There are many dishes made with beef. One dish is called asado. It is a beef or roast beef barbecue. Open air barbecues are usually when a steer or a lambs hide is roasted over an open fire. Another beef dish is called bife. Bife is a steak with a fried egg on top. Many people in Argentina eat grilled steak and a stew with chicken, chick-peas, marrow bones and vegtables in it. Italian imagrants introduced spaghetti to the Argentine diet. The Brithis introduced tea time to them. Many Argentines take time everyday to drink tea and have a snack. A meal in Argentrina usually starts with empandas. They are little pastries that are filled with meat, fish, or some other kind of seafood. They are sometimes ate as a snack. Fruit and cheese is a popular dessert.

Alot of desserts are prepared in Argentina. Some of them are pastries, rice pudding and ducle de leche which is a mixture of sugar and milk. Some of the popular beverages in Argentina are coffee, yerba mate’, beer and domestic wines from Rio Negro and Mendoza. Grapes are grown all around Argentina. Most of the grapes are used to make wine. When the wine is made it gets shipped to many different places. Some of the food in Argentina can be used to make oil for cooking and other things. The foods that can be used for this is sunflower seeds and soybeans. Theres is alot of land in Argentina used to grow maize, wheat, flax and alfalfa. When this food is grown they export it out of the country. There is so much of this that they feed the rest to the livestock. Most of the food in Argentina is made different then it is in the U.S.A but it is just the way they choose to do it.

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