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In the article The Myth of Beneficent Nature: The Risks of Herbal Preparations , is a persuasive article by Ryan J. Huxtable. In the article Huxtable is arguing that herbal teas and medicines are not healthy and should be band. After reading the article, I disagree with Huxtable, and he was not able to convince me. In the article Huxtable uses some very convincing facts. However many of the cases specified large quantities of the herbal preparations had been taken. If too much of any medicine is taken, it can prove to be fatal. Also the first victim mentioned is a child, and it would take much smaller quantities of the herbal tea to harm a child. Through out the article I felt that Huxtable was using weak arguments like that one to back up his point. Herbal preparations also have lots of positive uses.

Herbal medicines have been used for a long time, because they have helped people. How many more people are taking herbal medicine and feeling better from it rather than dieing from it. The author s argument that animals stay away from the plants that are in herbal medicines is not a strong argument against herbal remedies. Medicines that cure you are strong drugs, and can be fatal when not used right.

The author does not use enough strong points to convince me that herbal medicines should be band. Herbal medicines may help many people feel better. If the author used stronger points and wrote a more organized paper, he would have been able to persuade me.

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