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English Freewrites Essay, Research Paper

Earthly Couplets

The man is very aged, and his eyes are black. He is very sad Thanatos. There is no life, no vitality; he is starring blankly into space. He looks like you would expect a Holocaust victim to look like. Maybe he just saw his family murdered. He is also thin, he might have been starved and this adds to his lifeless appearance. His shirt is an old, dirty, collared. He might have been wearing it since the SS came and took him to the ghetto. His hands are worn, callused, and cut. He appears to be in deep thought.

“We are making a New World”

The plants looks like they were healthy at first, but some events made them die. The sun is popping up over the ridge to mark the beginning of a new day. The swamp/bog seems to go on for miles with a mountain ridge in the background. The ridge might resemble the high place that he came from and then after his tragic falls he ended up in the swamps. Where he looks from now it is too late to go back.

Thomas Gainsbrough

The woman looks as through she doesn’t fit in with her surroundings She is all elegant and clean. Compared to the wilderness behind her. If the painting were a picture then she would look even more out of place. The painter blurs the background.

Joseph Wright

This figure is dwarfed by the landscape and the power of the sea. He is being attacked by his surroundings and a bear. A snapshot would not have as much emphasize on the man and shadows. The painting center the man even though he is small.

The artist and his demon

The works title brings a lot to the description of the painting. The “artist” is not in the painting although his/her creation is. The demon is sitting in a chair with a very postured and fake look. It is very square and looks as through it doesn’t have emotion. Destiny can cause you to give up your freedom and let your life ride on the currents or life. In the middle of the painting is a brilliant source of right in the middle of a square and structured frame. The painting is full of geometric shapes and appears to be very jagged.

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