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Film In The Early 20Th Century Essay, Research Paper

 The Marx Brothers were three American brothers who became famous for their zany antics in motion pictures.

 Trained as musicians, they began their careers in vaudeville with their mother and aunt as the Six Musical Mascots.

 Leonard Marx (Chico) Born: 3/22/1887- 10/11/1961- Specialized in distorted logic and Italian dialect routines. He also played the piano, in a brothel.

 Adolph Marx (Harpo) Born: 11/23/1888 – 9/28/1964- played the harp and chased around girls. He communicated in pantomime. Played a solo tour in the Soviet Union.

 Julius Marx (Groucho) Born: 10/2/1890 – 8/19/1977- bushy brow, leader of the group, known for his wild wisecracks and puns. He had a caustic wit and appeared with a cigar and moustache. The most independently famous Marx Brother, Groucho was the most human, the one who actually seemed to have emotions

 Herbert Marx (Zeppo) Born: 2/25/1901 ? 11/30/1979 He sold an invention to the United States Air Force.

 Milton Marx- (Gummo) Born: 1893-1977- the fifth Marx Brother

The Coconuts (1929)

The feature film debut of the Marx Brothers, taken from their hit Broadway comedy, finds the quartet in a run-down Florida hotel, where owner Groucho insults guests, woos Margaret Dumont, and vainly tries to auction off “choice” resort property. Features the infamous “Why a duck?” routine.

Animal Crackers (1930)

The Four Marx Brothers in a zany tale involving high society parties, a stolen painting, African explorers, young lovers, and a manic game of bridge. With Margaret Dumont, Lillian Roth, and the song “Hooray for Captain Spaulding.”

Monkey Business (1931)

It’s anything but smooth sailing for the Four Marx Brothers when they stowaway on an ocean liner in this, their first comedy written expressly for the screen. Gobs, gangsters and gals galore in this gem of Marxian comedy mania.

Duck Soup (1933)

the pinnacle of Marxian madness. Groucho is Rufus T. Firefly, the President of Freedonia; Chico is his trusted aide and a spy; Harpo sells peanuts and tries to chauffeur; Zeppo nods his head. Political satire and wild humor that was ahead of its time.


McDik, Sukin-The Marx Brothers

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