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Alcohol Essay, Research Paper


Teenagers in society today have a different outlook on life. They mature at a faster rate then we realize. Many teens start experimenting with alcohol at the young age of thirteen and fourteen (Alcohol and teen drinking Aug 21, 2000). Some start even earlier if they have parents that drink or an older sibling that abuses alcohol. It is known as the cool thing to do when you are young and immature. It is also known as the wrong and immoral thing to do. This is the reason why so many of our teens are interested in alcohol. When society makes it a big deal I think that is when it becomes a big deal with our youth. I do not believe that teens actually enjoy drinking. They drink to fit in or to portray a higher maturity level. My main goal of writing this paper is to understand more about why alcohol abuse in teens is on the rise and to comprehend the reason behind teens and the need for alcohol. But most of all I want to cover the issue of age discrimination against legal adults. Teens are considered legal adults at the age of eighteen and society should treat them as adults if they are going to give them that title.

Why is alcohol abuse more at the high school level then at the college level? High school students have the highest rating of all, 90% of the students have tried alcohol or have drank more the five at one time. College students on the other hand have a lower rating, 40% participate in heavy drinking(Alcohol and teen Drinking Aug.21,2001). My theory is at the high school level it is illegal and there for it makes is wrong and more tempting to do. At the college level it is not that big of a deal any more because they are able to purchase alcohol and it is not as challenging as it was in high school.

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