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What is opium? What does it look like? And what were the different uses for opium? Opium is a plant which is also an addicting drug and medical remedy for sickness. Opium was first brought from Arabian traders, to bring the teaching of opium in a medical use. Opium looks like a tall growing flower which has little round poppies growing around it. Opium is obtained from the juice of the immature poppies. It can have over 20 different types of medications like, heroin, morphine, codeine, etc. The use of opium began 6,000 years ago. The first use for opium is the medical use. This medical use was used for sicknesses like cough and diariah. Opium was also used to calm patians down, by relieving pain, cause drousiness, and eas worry. This remedy was taken as pill or added to beverages. Heroin, one of the drugs found in opium, was first thought to end the addiction of opium, but failed as an even more addicting drug. In the 6100s indian and european traders from the west, brought the teachings of opium smoking. People of China who became addicted to opium were called opiats, these people said that it their free minded. Even though they thought it was good for them, docters said they had low blood presure, and respitory problems. When opiats tried to quit sometimes became fatal, but some were help with thier addiction.

The use of opium began 6,000 years ago. Who were the main producers of opium? How china get involved? Has opium always been legal? What did they do about it? The main producers and exporters of opium are Burma in Afghanistan. China got involved because in China, thier land is more fertile, so China started to have lots of problem by restricting cultivation and importation of opium because chinese started use opium for illegal use instead of the commen legal uses. Opium was used legal until the west introduced the practice of use of illegal drugs. The chinese resolved the problem of the illegal usage by restricting the site opium on the streets, in doing so armies search streets, house, etc. If opium found there would be death, just some medical goupts were permitted. How is opium used today? Today opium is sold on the streets as a powder or dark brown rock and smoked, eaten, or injected. Also over a half a million poeple in the U.S are addicted to this drug.But even though opium is a bad drug, it is helpful in medical use today.

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