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General Description of the Movement

A pile is a conditioning exercise that is used primarily to strengthen the knee joint through repetition of flexion and extension. Flexion of the knee is accomplished by an eccentric contraction of the quadriceps muscles and extension is accomplished by the concentric contraction of the quadriceps muscles. Through proper training, the knee, which is a hinge joint, is able to lower the entire weight of the dancer s body remaining in proper alignment.

A ballet dancer usually refers to the control of alignment and balance as the dancer s center. The center is maintained through pulling up to go down. This requires muscle control and coordination by lifting the abdominal muscles as the knees flex and push the dancer s body downward. The rectus abdominis muscle, external oblique abdominal muscle muscle and the transverse abdominis muscle all work together on a vertical axis, to provide proper abdominal support the upper body. At the same time, the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus muscles are all working to keep the lumbar vertebrae in alignment over the feet.

A first position pile begins and ends with all five toes on the floor with the heals pressing together while the feet are in an outward position. The body must maintain proper alignment; the shoulder over hips, and hips directly over feet at all times. The upper turso should remain as straight as possible with no rotations occurring. The arm is the only part of the body that can alternate movement depending on the teacher. The basic starting position for the arms would be the arms extended downward, slightly flexed at the elbow, wrists slightly flexed and the fingers in the extended position.

A properly executed pile begins and ends with outward rotation of the leg, causing the knee to press sideways. The first initiation of the movement is the outward rotation of the leg that is caused by the rotation of the femur. The head of the femur that inserts inside the acetabulum is a ball and socket joint which enables the leg to rotate.

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