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Discrimination In USA Essay, Research Paper

The 1920?s were a period of economic boom in USA, but most of all, of discrimination. There were two groups who, apart from remaining out of the economic boom, were discriminated and suffered poverty. These people were Blacks and Immigrants.

Immigration took place between 1861 and 1910. The USA was seen as a land of opportunities, but most of the immigrants realized that the ?land of opportunities? was not totally true. On the contrary, they had to face many problems, one of them poverty. They did not have jobs, and they were discriminated; some because of their skin colour and some because they could introduce radical ideas into the USA. Of course, all this prejudice was unfair. All those immigrants wanted was a future for their family and a job. As USA did not satisfy their needs, they had to look for a solution. Finally, most of the immigrants turned their nationalities to American and their lives improved a little.

Not only immigrants had problems in the USA. Also Black people were discriminated and suffered from people?s prejudice and unfairness. They lived in poorer housing and conditions than whites, but still their rents and taxes were higher. They had no education or health services and whites did not accept them anywhere. There was also the threat of the Ku Klux Klan. But the Blacks who suffered more were the ones living in the south. At least, in the north, Black people had better conditions and Jazz helped them too, as the majority of jazz players were black. So, most of the Blacks in the south solved their problems by moving to the north. But, those improvements did not change Blacks? lives a lot, they still were discriminated and were far from living a decent life.

In conclusion, Blacks and Immigrants did not have a good life during the 1920?s. They had to live with the whites discriminating them and standing unfairness, prejudice and poverty.

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