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Solar Flares Essay, Research Paper


I. Solar flares are violent eruptions of gases that release ultra-violet radiation, x-rays and gammy rays. It’s an enormous explosion of hydrogen and helium above the sun surface.

A. It’s a sudden rapid and intense variation in brightness that happens every eleven years

B. They usually last an average of 20 minutes and are a remarkable phenomenon.

C. Imagine gigantic blobs of materials held together by powerful magnetic forces. All of a sudden they launch into earth’s magnetosphere.

D. The first one that was record was on Sept. 1, 1859


I. There is three stages, which are precursor, impulsive and decay stage.

A. The precursor stage- the magnetic energy begins to release and soft rays x-ray emission is detected.

B. Impulsive stage- protons and electrons are accelerated and radio waves, hard x-rays and gamma rays are

C. Decay stage- shows gradual build up and decay of the soft x-rays

1. The duration of these stages can last for just three seconds or as long as an hour.

II Solar flares have a direct effect on the earth’s atmosphere. The intense radiation from it travels to earth in eight minutes and as a result.

A. The earth’s upper atmosphere becomes more ionized and expands.

B. Long distance radio signals can be disrupted by the resulting change in the earth’s ionosphere.

C. A satellites orbit around the earth can be disturbed by the enhanced drag on the satellite from the expanded atmosphere.

D. Satellites electronic competent can be damaged.

E. Examples of what have happened.

1. The July 1996 a solar flare was considered fairly moderate. Twenty minutes after the flare ripples appeared on the sun surface looking like ripples in a pool of water.

2. In Los Angeles an earthquake accompanied a solar flare that spewed a huge bubble of sure heat gas.


I. Solar flares are studied because they are such powerful explosions that are little understood and cannot be predicted. Scientists still do not know exactly what causes solar flares.

II. Solar flares causes tremendous damage. Most common disturbances of solar flares on the earth’s blackout and interference of radio communications.

III. NASA has spent a great deal of time and money attempting to understand solar flares even though many important questions have been answered, there is still a lot more to learn and understand.

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