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Six Frat Boys Essay, Research Paper

The premise of this film is that there are six college aged students who represent six different stereotypes. There is a frat-boy type who attends every party on campus, a feminist activist who is offended by everything, computer-science major who spends his time making websites, a sweet, but somewhat flighty girl who is constantly being hit on, an armature rapper who makes up lyrics for everything he wants to say, and a wiccan girl who is constantly trying out new spells and incantations. These six students seem to have nothing in common with each other, but there is one central character that ties them all together. He is a slightly goofy student that makes extra cash by selling the answers to tests to students. Each of these students calls upon him and when he visits them they tell him their reasoning for needing his services instead of studying. As the plot unfolds and bits and pieces of the story are told, it turns out that each character is intertwined some way in the plot. When each person is telling their version of the story, the other characters come off as being an exaggerated version of the stereotype they represent, to show how we sometimes classify people without getting to know them. The six people had all attended a party the previous weekend, without really knowing who each other were. The feminist character was attending the party to be able to write about the way women were treated at such events and when she s there she discovers the ditsy and decides to write about her and how misguided she is, but then ends up envying the attention she gets from all the males. The frat boy as a joke from his frat brothers follows the feminist around to try to mess with her, but ends up discovering she is not the man hating person everyone thought she was. The computer nerd was brought to the party by the rapper who wants him to make a website for his rap group and the computer guy ends up staying for the party and the two realize they have more in common than they would have thought. The wiccan girl shows up at the party to cast a spell on one of the frat brothers who had previously embarrassed her, and ends up earning the respect of the dimwitted pretty girl. There are flashbacks to humorous events throughout the party and each person crosses paths at some point. The six people leave the party that night, expecting the whole night s events to be a drunken fluke. However at the end of the film all six show up in the same spot to pick up the test answers and when they all reencounter each other they realize that maybe there is a chance for there friendships in the end.

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