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Spanish-English Halloween Story Essay, Research Paper

On la vispera de Todos los Santos a young boy went to a casa de los fantasmas. Outside there were esqueletos hanging on the walls. He was wearing a glow in the dark mascara, carrying a calavera in one hand and a saco in the other. His disfraz masked his miedo. He only wished he had carried a linterna with him. His sack was filled with bombones as he entered the house with many fantasmas in it. Out of nowhere a murcielago flew across his face. He dropped his trusty skull and could not find it again. He picked up an escoba to fend off the gato negro by his feet. All he could think about was how much fun it would be at the fiesta he was going to afterwards. Right now he saw a bruja and her caldera and ran away. He could hear the buhos as the house suddenly went silent. Then he saw a tall espantapajaros holding a large, orange calabaza. The luna shone on this very brightly. The door was ahead and he ran to it. He would now walk to the party he was going to go to and then finnally the treinta y uno, the noche de las brujas would finally be over.

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