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Freedom Socialist Party Essay, Research Paper

In 1965, Clara Fraser and her second husband, Richard Fraser, helped lead the Seattle branch of the Socialist Workers Party in an exodus from the national organization. They founded the Freedom Socialist Party, which was marked by its commitment to women’s liberation, African American freedom, revolutionary socialism, societal and organizational democracy, and principled politics. A turning point in the young party’s development was the Frasers’ divorce which split the ranks over whether feminist and socialist standards would prevail in party life. The majority supported Ms. Fraser and from that point on, the Freedom Socialist Party was marked by a uniquely deep-going commitment to female equality in both theory and practice. With Branches in the United States, Canada and Australia, they have high hopes of one day becoming a major political party.

The Freedom Socialist Party can best be described as a socialist feminist organization for which is dedicated to the replacement of capitalist rule. They believe that this can be done by using a workers? democracy that will guarantee full economical, social, political and legal equality to the many diverse groups of people, along with minorities. They describe themselves as Marxists, Leninists, Trotskyists, feminists and humanists. The FSP wants to overcome imperialism, Stalinists bureaucratism, and racist arrogance. Yet, their main goal is to inject the socialist movement with the ideas of Trotsky feminism in order to prepare it for victory in the “crucial decade.”

The platform for the Freedom Socialist Party believes that working class must liberate itself through socialism. Consequently, they want to try and become a mass working class party. Also, they believe that the class has the strategic power, numbers, need, and opportunity to effect a transformation of society. The FSP fight for the struggles of minorities against racism, sexism, and sexual repression of gays and lesbians. They also believe that among the most doomed and vulnerable people of capitalism are the children, elders, the disabled and prisoners. In other words, anyone who is not a profitable worker. Therefore, the Freedom Socialist Party strives for universal human rights. Lastly, the Freedom party believes that the environment should be kept safe by the people, not large corporations, and that technology should be used wisely and humanely so not to destroy the earth or its inhabits.

Although the Freedom Socialist Party doesn?t have a member from their own party running on the ticket for President, they have endorsed other candidates. Their first choice would be the Socialist Workers Party candidates Monica Moorehead for president and her running mate Gloria La Riva. If the Socialist Workers Party is not on the ticket, then they urge voters to vote for David MacReynolds of the Socialist Party. Despite the fact that the parties mentioned above are a little more lenient with their platforms, the Freedom Socialist Party believes that a vote for a socialist party is better than any voting for any other party. In spite of the fact that the Freedom Socialist Party doesn?t have a Presidential Candidate on the ticket for the 2000 elections, they have been able to get a few candidates on the local tickets in New York, California and Washington. Until the elections are held, it will remain unknown if any of them won a seat in office.

While the fight for equal rights rein on, the Freedom Socialist Party will forever remain in the middle of it. With their strong beliefs and undeniable will power, they will continue to strive to become a major political party. Yet, until that day, they will continue to fight for the minorities and stand up for the rights of all people.


Fraser, Clara (1998). Revolution She Wrote.

New York: Delacorte Press

Freedom Socialist Party. (2000, September 30)


Martin, Gloria (1986). Socialist Feminism: The First Decade, 1966-1976.

Boston: Bedford Books

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