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Virtual Reality Essay, Research Paper

How does it work

Virtual Reality is interactivity in such a way that the user actually feels immersed in the world that the computer creates.

Special clothing, headgear and equipment, depending upon the application. The clothing contains sensors that record the users movements and immediately transmit that information back to the computer. For example, to walk through a virtual reality simulation of a house, you would need garb that monitors the movement of your feet, hands and head. You would also need goggles that contain video screens and also audio attachments and feeling gloves so that you can be immersed in the computer feedback.

Virtual reality also provides benefits in educational, scientific and business work. Japan has just put it to work in its department stores. The stores sell kitchen appliances called Virtual Kitchen. The prospective buyers bring their kitchen layouts to the department store, where trained staff enters a copy of the design into the computer. The customers then don the appropriate equipment and suddenly find themselves in their own kitchen. These appliances can be tried out in various sizes, colours and locations. They can also test the opening and closing of the cabinet doors and drawers. They can place their existing table and chairs into the picture so that the scene will be very realistic. They can walk around and discover and feel the ambiance of the new kitchen. With this technology, the customer is able to buy with a great more deal of confidence

What Are Its Uses

Virtual Reality is used:

1) In surgery system to view the virtual brain with superb three dimensional reality.

2) To simulate fatigue of cancer patients

3) In some electronic games

4) To stimulate construction designs

5) In amusement park attractions

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