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The Titanic Essay, Research Paper


The titanic, a wonderful, beautiful, big unsinkable way to America. A

story of triumph and tradgedy. On April 10, 1912 the miraculous boat was

ready to sail. it was owned by the White Star Line and was built at Harland

and Wolff Shipbuilding company. The Titanic was 882 ft. long and weighed

45,000 tons. It could hold 3200 passengers, but it only had

enough life boats for abuot 1200 people. That did not matter

because even God could not sink this ship.

The price for a ticket varried greatly, the highest price being $870.00 for

a first class ticket all the way down to $2.00 for a third class ticket .

Most people were third class. This was really an amazing ship, too bad it went

down on it’s maiden voyage. On the boat there were 28 stateroooms and suites

for the first class passnegers (Titanic, p.2). Special staterooms located on decks

B and C of the shop were designed with different motiefs. The upperclass

passengers had about eight different styles to choose from, so they could better

enjoy the voyage (Titanic, p.2). Some of the suites had fire places that burned

coal in the sitting room and gigantic beds in the bedroom. the most expensive

suite had five rooms and a private bathroom, this truly was a luxury liner. Must

upper class people had dinner at a huge restaurant on deck D (Titanic, p.2). It

was 92 ft. wide and 114 ft. long. (Titanic, p.2) . The restaurant sat about 500

people (Titanic, p.2). There were a few other places to have dinner on the boat,

even a real French restuarant called, “Cafe Parisien” (Titanic, p.2). During the

day many rich people went to the Lounge at the Promenade deck, the walls were

similar to the ones at Versailles Castle near Paris, it was truly magnificent. Next to

this was the Georgian reading and writing room for women and next to that was

the Smoking room for men. The Titanic had a sense of space and openess

(Titanic, p.2)

Exactly 860 people worked on board the Titanic. (RMS Deck Crew p.1).

340 of them worked below decks in the ngine department as engineers, timmers,

boiler makers, grease men, window cleaners, or line keepers (RMS Engineering

p.2). Only a few dozen of them were engaged in the seamanship directly. Even

fewer were officers. The captian of the boat was E. J. Smith. He had sailed over

two million miles with the White Star Line before the Titanic, which was to be his

last ship before he retired, but he never got the chance because like a good

Capitan should, he went down with the ship.

The ship set sail and traviled 386 miles on the first day, then 519 miles

on the second day (Titanic, p.4). the ship was on the way to New York from

Great Britian and everyone was eager to get there. So again the Captian increased

their speed. The fourth day was April 14, 1912, the day the unsinkable ship sunk.

They hit an iceberg at the speed of 22.5 knots (Titanic, p.4). The icepberg made

a huge hole in the ships double bottoms. No one beleived the ship would go

down and it wasn’t until half an hour later that the first call for help went out. At

least five other ships got the distress signal, among the was the ship, Carpathia.

This ship was competing with the Titanic for passengers, but never the less they

quickly changed course to save the people aboard the shinking ship. Only 700

people, mostly women and children boarded the life boats, most women would

not leave their husbands behind (Lord, p.7). Some men dressed in women’s

clothing to get off the ship, I guess in a life and death situation some people are


One of the more famous things about the Titanic was the Orchestra, which

kept on playing while the shiop went down. There are some speculations as to

which song they were playing, but most say it was happy to help raise people’s


The Carpathia arrived around dawn. A lot of people were saved, but so

many would die in the moments to come. The second officer of the Carpathia

wrote these words as he watched the ship go down, and I quote… “Slowly and

almost magestially, the emense stern reared itself up, with propellers and rudders

clearing the water of the cold Atlantic…. Like a prayer as the disappeared, the

word were breathed, ’she is gone” end quote (Anderson, p.2). The unsinkable

ship had sunk on her maiden voyage.

Among the loss of a beautiful ship about 1495 trusting lives had been

taken by the awful diseaster (Titanic, p.2). There were exactly 2207 people

aboard the Titanic and only 712 made it off the boat alive (Titianic, p.3). The

last known survivor, a Swedish lady named Mrs. Beatrice Sandstrum who was

only two years old when she and her mother and sister were aboard the Titanic.

recently died at the age of 85 years old (Billnitzer, p.1). The three were in their

cabin when the iceberg hit the boat. They stayed there until a steward came and

told them to put on their life jackets and to the to upper deck to board the life

boats. They were on one of the last boats to leave the ship to go to safety and 40

minutes later the Titanic sank to the bottom of the cold dark sea (Billnitzer, p.1).

The Titanic was a true story of triumph and tradgedy. A ship that was so

big and beautiful that nothing could bring it down. Then on it’s maiden voyage

this incredible ship that could withstand any thing but nature, hit an iceberg and

went down. The Titanic is still at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean in between

Great Britian and the United States (Davis, p.1)

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