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Freedom Is? Essay, Research Paper

They say that we have freedom.

But then, why does it cost us so much to live?

And if we do not do what we’re told, then we are punished.

Where is the free will and right to seek our lives there?

They say that we have the right to choose.

But what if we choose the wrong way?

And if we do not follow their plan we are looked down upon.

Where is the privilege of our destiny there?

They say that we have equality.

But what happens to those who seem different?

And if we do not do as everyone else, we are seen as non-worthy.

Where is the respect and individuality there?

They say that we have privileges.

But what if we do not want them?

And if we say different, we look as if we’re irresponsible.

Where is the reward there?

They say that we have it better.

But what has happened to the people just as bad?

And since we make so much money, we should help those in need.

Where has the charity and bravery there?

They say that we have so many things.

But what about those who see the opposite of those words?

And if we are brave enough to speak, we are ignored.

Where is the truth there?

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