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Panic Disorders Essay, Research Paper

Since panic disorder often goes undetected, experts hope to

heighten awareness with a new drug called selective

serotonin reuptake inhibitor parexotine, or SSRI. The

approbation of this drug would bring about an opportunity to

educate society and the medical profession more on panic


Paroxetine (made by SmithKline Beecham Pharma under the

brand name Paxil) is nonsedating, nonaddictive, and is also

safe when taken with alcohol. This drug has already been

approved for obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression,

which are more than likely linked with disruptions in the

serotonin system.

Using this drug in panic disorder cases, the dosage

must be started out very low, about 5-10 mg about three to

four times a week, rather than higher doses, which would be

used in cases of depression. The efficacy rate of Paxil is

80% when taken correctly from small amount up to the

standard amount.

This article was a bit boring at first, then it worked

into more interesting topics. I wouldn?t read it over and

over, but I would show it to someone that I think would

appreciate it. And, more than likely, I would not print it

out and place it on my refrigerator with magnets.

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