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“550 MHz of Power VS A 486 Loser”

Having a Pentium III 550 computer is very convenient for your everyday life.

Compared to a 486 computer that has about 100 MHz of power, the most, a Pentium III

550 is much faster and reliable. It is reliable in terms of not losing your files due to

memory failure. With a Pentium III 550 you could do things you never thought you could

do with a computer, you can surf the Internet much faster, because of the speed that the

computer can give you. You can create almost anything you can think of, but there is

always something that both computers need. This one thing is the software, without the

software you cannot do anything with your computer. So regardless of whether a Pentium

III 550 or a 486 computer, without the software you cannot do anything.

A Pentium III 550 is a processor that has a speed of 550 MHz. A 486 is a slow

processor, which has a speed of about 100 MHz or lower, and was created during the

eighties, specifically 1988, and at that time it was the top of the line. Pentium III 550 is a

fast processor; yet, there are new processors that are almost twice as fast as the Pentium

III 550 is. One of these so-called processors is the Athlon One-Gigahertz, which was

made by the AMD Company just this year. Pentiums are made by Intel, which is a

competitor of the AMD Company.

A Pentium III, when combined with slow components or parts of a computer will

be useless. When you have a Pentium III 550, you want it to have good components for

good performance. An example of these components is the RAM. RAM is the Memory of

your computer, and stands for Random Access Memory. High RAM is 64 megabytes up

to 128 megabytes. If you have low RAM your computer when used with a software that

requires high RAM, will be so slow that you would want to throw it away. Another part

of a computer that needs to be up to date when you have a Pentium III 550 is the video

card. Your computer should have at least 8 megabytes of 3D accelerator as your video

card. If not the three dimentional graphics or pictures that you view on your computer,

when enlarged will be distorted. Other components like the USB port (universal serial

bus), a plug and play hardware for USB products, good soundcard and a fast modem are

also needed for ultimate satisfaction. The 3D accelerator, 64mb up to 128mb of RAM,

soundcard, USB ports, and modems are all needed for the Pentium III 550’s level.

Therefore if you have a Pentium III 550 and have low graded components, you

will not have a convenient computer for your everyday life. A Pentium III 550 is fast and

very advanced, but if you put old components and use it together with your processor, it

will be very slow. If you have a Pentium III 550, in order for it to be very convenient for

your life you will need to have other expensive components that will meet to Pentium III

550’s needs. If not, trust me, you will regret on buying an expensive component which

will never satisfy you expectations for that amount of money.

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