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Principles Of Socrates Essay, Research Paper

The argument of principality is a deep issue discussed in The Crito. Socrates was a solid and true believer in morality and the role that it plays in discovering principle. The argument put forth is that principle creates an honorable, or in more plain terms, an incorruptible life. We as human beings are most enlightened when we are first introduced into this massive collection of land and water known as earth. One might question this truth with the doubts that a newborn has no knowledge or even any experience. How then is it possible to be the most enlightened at birth? Those na ve doubts actually prove this simple fact to the fullest degree. When an infant is lying there in its crib, what is the only thing that it knows? Maybe he knows how to move his hand, cry a little bit when it s hungry, or even to do natural deed of urination in the nurses eye. Even though these examples are nonetheless true, there is a greater and even simpler answer to this question. The most important item of truth is that the young infant knows itself. Plain and true, that s what it knows. It hasn t been subjected to any of the poisonous vapors of human speech or the corrupted politicians brainwashing nomination address. No, it only has itself and that s what it knows.

We have the natural ability to employ reason to figure out certain issues or to decide whether or not we want that new pair of Gap jeans. This ability is tempered, however, by the parents of all of us. I m sure you ve heard of big brother or Uncle Sam . Yes, I see the wheels turning. You got it. I m talking about the federal government. Think about it. Since childhood we were trained to eat their way, follow their laws, and even to attend their schools. They punish us if we do not do what they say or behave in a manner that they feel appropriate. This isn t as bad as it seems, but the real issue is hidden away from our eyes. This issue is that too many people end up hopelessly convinced, like fleshy robots, that the way of the government is the only way to operate. It isn t their fault because they were programmed since birth. These mind-prisoners are known as the many . They only know how to imitate or follow and they never think on their own merit.

This problem creates a separation with the individual and himself. If a person does not recognize himself, he does not have an identity. Socrates argues that the individual must know himself in order to see the light. He must comfortable with who he is. If you were to ask a room of average American teenagers if they know themselves, most of them would squirm in their seats at the thought. This question normally arises an uncomfortable feeling because, to most of us, the answer is not clear. Socrates continues on to say that without an identity you are hopelessly dependant on the machine . You aren t able to exercise the God-given ability to reason. Reason produces principle or a moral centeredness. This entire chain of qualities leads to a higher level of realization known as the big picture.

The big picture is that we want to live an honorable life. We want to die knowing that we led a good uncorrupted life. All the factors discussed tie together like a rope of knowledge in the sense that we all want to reach the goal of living honorably. A great man once said, It is honor and honor alone that we take to the grave. I believe that Socrates would agree.

In conclusion, I must say that we as humans must think freely, exercise reason and in turn use this reason to produce principle. The principles attained by this process then fuel our identity and therefore we can identify the ghostly individual within us. Take the gag away from your subconscious mouth and get to know yourself. Ask yourself the question one more time. Do I know myself? See if that uncomfortable feeling has changed any. I know mine has.

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